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      by Ben Bruno T-Nation

      I have a random mind. Maintaining focus on any given task can be a real challenge for me, much to the chagrin of many of my old teachers. ...

      by Steve Holman, Iron Man Magazine

      Q: Im using a Positions-of-Flexion program from 3D Muscle Building. I read a lot about the pros training, and Im not sure ...

      by Anthony Mychal T-Nation

      Strength coaches often drop cryptic references that pay homage to the power of the nervous system:

      "If your performance ...

      by Chad Waterbury T-Nation

      When you hear the word "science," what does it mean to you? My guess is that word probably makes you conjure up images of ...

      by Michael Ranfone, CSCS T-Nation

      We all want more of the good stuff.

      We want to be leaner, bigger, stronger, faster. We want to be better than the ...

      by Eric Broser Iron Man Magazine

      Q: For each of the major bodyparts what exercises do you feel are most underused by bodybuilders today? Also, why do you feel those ...

      by Eric Auciello, ACSM-CPT T-Nation

      The Overhead Squat (OHS) has become the "de rigueur" movement for many functional fitness enthusiasts. However, most ...

      by Ben Bruno T-Nation

      College is the time to lay the groundwork for your future. But like most things in life, you get out what you put in. If you take care of ...

      by Tom Furman T-Nation

      They say time heals all wounds, and no place is this more evident than in the world of strength and conditioning. Just a generation ago, ...