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      From Ergo-Log

      Research done by Nicholas Burd, a sports scientist in the Stuart Phillips stable, may well radically change the way we do strength training in the ...

      By Alfonso Moretti, CPT Men's Fitness

      You can curl until you're blue in the face with traditional bicep exercises, but if you want a fully developed upper arm, ...

      by Anthony Mychal T-Nation

      I've got a confession to make: I'm your prototypical skinny-fat ectomorph.

      Tall. Narrow shoulders. Wide waist. It's the ...

      by John Hansen Iron Man Magazine

      Q: I bought your book and am reading it. Currently I’m in a big dilemma. First, I’m 23 years old, Chinese, at 141 pounds and 5’7”. ...

      by Al Kavadlo T-Nation

      During my teens and early twenties, my workouts revolved around lifting heavy weights and trying to get swole. To me, the only thing that ...

      By: Denny Watkins Men's Health

      Here's a guaranteed motivation killer: After months or years of dedicated lifting, you realize that you'll never bench your body ...

      by John Gaglione T-Nation

      Walk into any commercial gym on a Monday evening and you'll see dozens of devoted lifters waiting to pay their respects at a handful of ...

      By Tom Venuto, Iron Magazine

      Yes, I know it’s the most clichéd end of the year post… “Stuff I learned in the past year.” But actually, I like this topic. I think ...

      by Anthony Mychal T-Nation

      A wise man once said that the traps make the man. But in today's world, it seems that any formidable way of training the traps break ...