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      By Eric Velazquez, NSCA-CPT ProSource

      A Contrary Opinion: The Smith Machine
      as Your One Key Mass-Builder

      Goals: Size, Strength
      Bodypart: ...

      by Jon-Erik Kawamoto T-Nation

      I'm not much of a prognosticator and I couldn't pick a winning horse at the track to save my life, but I can say this with total confidence: ...

      by John Gaglione T-Nation

      What's the ultimate test of overall strength?

      Is it the bench press? Thousands of determined commercial gym warriors would ...

      By Jay Cardiello, C.S.C.S, CPT Men's Fitness

      For years men have searched for ways to improve their bedroom stamina. So, just in time for Valentine's Day, we consulted ...

      by Ron Harris Iron Man Magazine

      A few weeks out from Jay Cutler’s attempt to win his fifth Mr. Olympia title, I was on the phone with him talking about his preparations. ...

      by Tim Henriques T-Nation

      "We're doing shoulders and triceps today at 2:30," I wrote in a succinct email to one of my powerlifting teammates.

      by John Hansen Iron Man Magazine

      Q: I have a question about my routine. I’m going to work out four times a week and work every bodypart twice per week. Since I ...

      by Ben Bruno T-Nation

      My name is Ben Bruno and I'm a training addict.

      I admit it, and I make no apologies for it. I have no intention of quitting, ...

      By Alfonso Moretti - CPT Men's Fitness

      Are you a string bean with a slender waist who feels scrawny? Or perhaps overweight with some extra luggage in the middle ...