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      by Ryan Zielonka Iron Magazine

      Summer is right around the corner, just in time to make you feel guilty about your indulgence in one too many late night ...

      by Amit Sapir T-Nation

      I started my weightlifting journey as a pencil-thin 16 year-old from the shallow end of the bodybuilding gene pool. During my ...

      By Chris Aceto Flex

      Getting cut and defined isn’t just about calorie counting. Heck, if that were true, anyone and everyone could get lean easily. While ...

      by Charles Poliquin Iron Magazine

      Yoga is suddenly cool again. Workshops and online presentations on stretching and becoming more supple have become ...

      By Patrick Striet ProSource

      Let me be blunt: I don't like core training. Much like foam rolling, stretching, mobility and dynamic warm-up drills, and ...

      by Robert King T-Nation

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      Here's what you need to know...

      •  Getting in better shape typically requires some ...

      By Greg Merritt Flex

      Of all the qualities that distinguish Arnold Schwarzenegger from the rest of us, some are as simple to pinpoint as a shoulder press ...

      by Nick Tumminello Bodybuilding . com


      Name: Nick Tuminello
      Occupation: Trainer, owner of Performance University, ...

      by Charles Poliquin Iron Magazine

      When it comes to getting bigger and stronger, there is more than one way to grip a bar. One of these ways is with a ...
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