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      by Roger Schwab Iron Magazine

      In the late 1960s and early 1970s, Dallas-based physician Dr. Kenneth Cooper pioneered the premise that aerobic training improves ...

      By Jim Stoppani Ph.D Flex

      There’s no secret as to what drives bodybuilders like you and me to the iron. We’re a diehard breed that doesn’t need the camaraderie ...

      by Allen Hedrick T-Nation

      Exercise, including resistance training, acts as a stress on the body. We're accustomed to thinking of stress as a negative, but when ...

      By Dan Trink, CSCS Men's Fitness

      You’ve done your foam rolling. Actually spent time warming up with movement prep. Banged out heavy sets of deadlifts. Crushed ...

      by Charles Poliquin

      Q What is your opinion about lifting chains? Powerlifters like them, but are they good for increasing muscle mass?

      by Dr. Bill Misner Ph.D. Iron Magazine

      Sleep Is Important To Training Performance Gains ~ You and your bodybuilding training partner carefully measure the optimal ...

      By Greg Merritt FLEXONLINE.COM

      It's virtually impossible to build a great back without at least one rowing exercise in your routine. Here are five options to ...

      by Christopher Smith T-Nation

      Bench pressing four days a week is stupid, right? That could only lead to overtraining, along with pecs and shoulders so sore they ...

      From ScienceDaily

      Time spent in the drudgery of strenuous exercise is a well-documented turn-off for many people who want to get in better shape. In a new study, ...