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      By Christopher Smith, C.S.C.S. Men's Fitness

      In the December issue of Men's Fitness, we gave you the beginning tools for benching more weight. Now we are providing ...

      By Josh Bryant, MFS, CSCS, PES ProSource

      Twenty years ago, a good introduction would have been, "If you live in America and you want to be called strong, ...

      by Jill Yaworski Men's Health

      Jumping jacks are a great calisthenic, but they hardly scream, “This is going to be a brutal workout!” That’s about to change. ...

      By Chris Giblin Men's Fitness

      Whether you're looking to build the body of your dreams or become a better athlete there are plenty of fitness tips, tricks and ...

      by Dan Trink T-Nation

      "I didn't realize something so small could be so impactful!"

      Those were the words that Mila Kunis uttered to me, ...

      From ProSource

      How do you measure the effectiveness of a good workout? What values do you attempt to quantify to determine how much progress you can make? For ...

      by the T-Nation Editors

      Strength training can get complicated. Sure, in the beginning it's simple – at least it should be, because basically anything will work, ...

      By Parker Cote ISSA, CFT Men's Fitness

      Have you ever noticed that some of the most dedicated gym goers look the same year after year? Every gym has at least ...

      by Nick Nilsson

      If you want to fully develop your back in terms of definition and detail, you have to go beyond just doing deadlifts, heavy rows and chin-ups ...