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      By Chris Giblin Men's Fitness

      If you’ve just started hitting the gym more frequently, or just really getting into fitness more than ever before, it’s natural ...

      by Mark David Iron Magazine

      Looking Back at 2012

      1. What’s the lat pull-down machine for? For people who can’t do pull ups (thanks Vince Girona!) ...

      by Adam Von Rothfelder, C.S.C.S Men's Fitness

      The ultimate kettlebell workout for more explosive power, speed and strength.

      Every athlete wants ...

      by Chad Wesley Smith T-Nation

      "Through the roof, through the roof, through the roof." That's what I kept repeating to myself as I approached the bar ...

      by Pauline Nordin

      Health and fitness shouldn't be just a week-long fad. It should be a life-long pursuit. Each new gain should bring about a ...

      By Jim Stoppani, Ph.D Flex


      Defense Standard weight machines provide a great alternative to free weights due to the cam system ...

      By Jim Stoppani, Ph.D Flex

      HYPOTHESIS It’s critical to stretch your muscles for optimal performance and development. If you’re like most athletes, you probably ...

      by Wil Fleming T-Nation

      There's an epidemic going on in the world right now that needs to be stopped. Shoulders are being ruined, elbows are being blown out, ...

      by Craig Titus Iron Magazine

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