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      By Bryan Haycock, M.D. Flex

      Bodybuilders have a love-hate relationship with pain. We love it because we see it as a sign we did something right that last time ...

      By Bryan Haycock, M.S. Flex

      When you are after rapid gains, not only do you need the drive to train harder, but you also need the tools to recover faster. A ...

      By Men's Fitness Editors

      For all of our fans who shoot us questions on our Twitter and Facebook Page, this one is for you. Each week, we will tap into our pool ...

      by Jim Wendler T-Nation

      The year 2013 is here and it's time to shed the old, dead skin and move forward.

      Resolutions is a much-used word in this ...

      From Science Daily

      A study in The Journal of General Physiology examines the consequences of muscle activity with surprising results, indicating that the extracellular ...

      by Kelly Baggett Iron Magazine

      Contrary to popular belief, training is not the only way to stimulate muscle growth. In fact the biggest growth spurts for the ...

      By Charles Poliquin Flex

      My knees tend to buckle when I squat heavy, and I often get knee pain if I squat for too long. I alternate between cycles of leg presses ...

      By Louie Simmons Flex

      If you want a strong deadlift, you must become both very strong and very fast. To maintain peak levels of overall strength all year long,

      By Greg Merritt and Jim Stoppani, Ph Flex

      Squat Stance

      It’s commonly thought that a bodybuilder should squat with a narrow, shoulder-width stance, ...