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      From Flex

      Fish oils have traditionally been used to reduce inflammation associated with joint stiffness and arthritis—but a new study suggests they may enhance ...

      From Iron Magazine

      If you’re putting on weight, a diet containing extra BCAAs may help you build up less fat mass. Japanese researchers discovered, when doing ...

      By Michael Roussell, PhD ProSource

      Protein is an essential component to any bodybuilders' diet. It provides the building blocks for sculpting muscles during ...

      by Mike Roussell, PhD T-Nation

      You've heard the scary truth. The omega-6 to omega-3 ratio in the typical North American diet is so heavily skewed towards omega-6 ...

      By Dean Stattmann Flex

      The eternal quest for higher human growth hormone (HGH) levels just got a little easier There’s a reason—actually, there are several reasons— ...

      By Bryan Haycock, M.S. Flex

      When you are after rapid gains, not only do you need the drive to train harder, but you also need the tools to recover faster. A ...

      From Iron Magazine

      Strength training stimulates the build up of muscle tissue and the burning of body fat. Both effects are boosted if you combine your strength ...

      by Clay Hyght, DC T-Nation

      In this article I'm going to offer five nutritional strategies – five nutrients and one elegantly simple dietary strategy – that will ...

      by Men's Fitness Editors

      The first guy to pull a fish out of the water must have been at least a little crazy. Who could seriously look at the slimy, scaly, ...
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