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      From Ergo-Log

      Your maximal strength and maximal oxygen uptake increase if someone encourages you, although psychologists say that this doesn't always lead to ...

      by Craig Weller and James Heathers T-Nation

      James Heathers is an applied physiologist working on his PhD, and a stage strongman who doesn't mind the odd bit ...

      by Jose Antonio, Ph.D. Iron Man Magazine

      You’ve heard the mantra: Eat frequently—five to seven small meals daily, each including a serving of protein, healthy ...

      By ScienceDaily

      One of the latest trends in the food market and among celebrities is going gluten-free. Snack giant Frito-Lay has announced it will introduce ...

      By Nathan Gray Nutra Ingredients USA

      Nitrate-rich vegetables, such as spinach, could have a ‘powerful effect’ on boosting muscle strength by increasing the levels ...

      By Michael Roussell, PhD

      Nutritional Strategies for Optimized Fat Loss Cardio

      For most of us cardio has one purpose... to burn fat. ...

      by Martin Berkhan

      “Why does breakfast make me hungry?” When someone asked me that question for the umpteenth time since my methods became popular, ...

      From Ergo-Log

      DHEA reduces muscle damage incurred as a result of intensive physical exertion. Despite the fact that DHEA has been discarded as a supplement in ...

      From ScienceDaily

      We've all heard that eating fish is good for our brains and memory. But what is it about DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid found in fish, that makes ...
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