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      By Patty Hodapp Men's Fitness

      It’s not news that working out in water is good for you—especially when you have joint pain that comes with tons of endurance training ...

      By ScienceDaily

      Eating at least two servings of oily fish a week is moderately but significantly associated with a reduced risk of stroke, finds a study published ...

      by Jeff OConnell

      Imagine how American society would function if drug dealers pumped 150 to 175 pounds of heroin per person per year into the ...

      by Kelly Baggett Iron Magazine

      One of the biggest debates among coaches and trainers that always arises every few years is the topic of recovery. Some say you ...

      From ScienceDaily

      A single junk food meal -- composed mainly of saturated fat -- is detrimental to the health of the arteries, while no damage occurs after consuming ...

      From NaturalNews

      There are a number of reasons why a high-carb diet is not wise, but new research has added yet another reason why you cut down on the pasta: ...

      By Shawn Radcliffe Men's Fitness

      Timing is everything—especially when it comes to muscle growth. And while some exercise guidelines already suggest eating protein ...

      From ScienceDaily

      Canadian scientists have discovered that a protein called resistin, secreted by fat tissue, causes high levels of "bad" cholesterol ...

      From ScienceDaily

      While Omega-3 essential fatty acids -- found in foods like wild fish and grass-fed livestock -- are necessary for human body functioning, their ...
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