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      From Science Daily

      A new study led by North Carolina researchers has found that when it comes to weight- and fat loss, aerobic training is better than resistance ...

      From Science Daily

      In a study examining possible factors regarding the associations between fructose consumption and weight gain, brain magnetic resonance imaging ...

      From Iron Magazine

      Leucine – A protein that athletes rightly turn their nose up at – because it doesn’t provide the optimal amino acids for muscle building – ...

      By JANE E. BRODY New York Times

      Let’s start the new year on scientifically sound footing by addressing some nutritional falsehoods that circulate widely in cyberspace, ...

      by Dean Somerset T-Nation

      I spend most of my day working with sedentary office workers who toil in cubicle mines for an average of 8-12 hours a day. Not surprisingly, ...

      By Bryan Haycock, M.S. Flex

      The first time I heard anything about “alpha-ketogluterate” was back in the early ’90s. Arginine alpha-ketogluterate (AAKG) was supposed ...

      by Jonathan Benson Iron Magazine

      With so much misinformation out there about food and how it affects human health, making healthy food choices for you and your ...

      By Bryan Haycock, M.S. Flex

      An age-old question of bodybuilders is whether or not to take each set to “failure.” By failure I mean momentary muscular failure. ...

      By Jim Stoppani, Ph.D & Dave Lee Flex

      You hit the gym religiously, pushing yourself to train harder, longer and heavier than the last time, because that’s ...
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