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      By Jim Stoppani, Ph.D Flex

      Dark Chocolate can boost nitric oxide levels, which makes it a good idea to drop some dark chocolate or cocoa into your preworkout ...

      By Jim Stoppani, Ph.D Flex

      Note From Anabolic Minds Editor - This article was shared not particularly because of its correctness, but to share its viewpoint, ...

      by Dan Ogborn and JC Deen T-Nation

      Powerlifters, strongmen, and bodybuilders – while they may follow vastly different training systems, the successful among ...

      From Science Daily

      Red wine could give athletes and players a boost in the sports arena by increasing the amount of performance-enhancing hormone testosterone ...

      By Jennifer Cohen Men's Fitness

      How would you react if someone told you masturbating could help you reach your fitness goals? Well, one woman is saying it worked ...

      From Science Daily

      As part of their ongoing research on the physiologic factors that contribute to the development of obesity, Joslin Diabetes Center scientists ...

      By Jim Stoppani, Ph.D Flex


      Defense Standard weight machines provide a great alternative to free weights due to the cam system ...

      By Jim Stoppani, Ph.D Flex

      HYPOTHESIS It’s critical to stretch your muscles for optimal performance and development. If you’re like most athletes, you probably ...

      By DANIELLE OFRI, M.D. New York Times

      How does it feel to learn that the bread-and-butter of what you do for patients might not actually help them?
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