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      By Michael Roussell, PhD ProSource

      Protein is an essential component to any bodybuilders' diet. It provides the building blocks for sculpting muscles during ...

      by Mike Roussell, PhD T-Nation

      You've heard the scary truth. The omega-6 to omega-3 ratio in the typical North American diet is so heavily skewed towards omega-6 ...

      From Science Daily

      The gap between obesity levels measured by self-reported height and weight and obesity recorded by measured height and weight is increasing. ...

      From Science Daily

      One of the indicators of a cell's health is the state of its DNA and containers -- the chromosomes -- so when these fuse together or suffer ...

      From ProSource

      If you read last week's edition of Monday Morning Motivation, then you know we've asked you to stay committed to heavy lifting in 2013, even if ...

      From Iron Magazine

      Gymnasts who want to lose weight can safely follow a low-carb diet. This won’t cost them their strength or explosiveness, researchers at the ...

      By Nancy Ripton Men's Fitness

      There’s a lot more to worry about at the gym than out-benching your training partner. A recent study at the University of Arizona ...

      From Science Daily

      Arguing that obesity "may be the most difficult and elusive public health problem the United States has ever encountered" and that ...

      By Dean Stattmann Flex

      The eternal quest for higher human growth hormone (HGH) levels just got a little easier There’s a reason—actually, there are several reasons— ...
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