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      By ANAHAD O'CONNOR New York Times

      Researchers have discovered that you are more likely to crave bread and other carbohydrates when you are hungry.

      by Monica Mollica Iron Magazine

      Fish oil is a popular supplement, and for good reasons (I will soon post a long article about all the beneficial health effects ...

      From Ergo-Log

      Looking for a carbohydrate-rich pre-workout snack? But not so keen on all those products that are bursting with refined sugars? Researchers at Oklahoma ...

      By Shawn Radcliffe Men's Fitness

      If it’s the suit that makes the man, then it’s the salad dressing that makes the salad. Without it, you could be missing ...

      By Dr. Michael Roussell, PhD Men's Fitness

      High-protein foods that can help you add mass without sacrificing taste.

      Omega-3 Eggs

      From ScienceDaily

      Peaches, plums and nectarines have bioactive compounds that can potentially fight-off obesity-related diabetes and cardiovascular disease, according ...

      By Jon-Erik Kawamoto, M.Sc.Kin.(c), C.S.C.S., C.E.P. Men's Fitness

      As an avid Men’s Fitness reader, we know we don’t have to tell you to get your ass in ...

      by Nate Miyaki T-Nation

      It's that time of year, when even the most anti-cosmetic guy thinks a little bit less about his lifting totals and a little bit more ...

      From ScienceDaily

      A novel form of vitamin B3 found in milk in small quantities produces remarkable health benefits in mice when high doses are administered, according ...
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