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      From Science Daily

      Scientists of Friedrich Schiller University Jena and Jena University Hospital decode the antihypertensive impact of omega-3 fatty acids. In ...

      By Michael F. Jacobson Huffpost Healthy Living

      When I first began my work on food safety and nutrition in 1970, people knew that tasty, familiar white sugar ...

      by Charles Staley T-Nation

      My most recent contributions to T-Nation have evoked several LiveSpill comments asking about my thoughts on how older athletes should ...

      By SUZANNE DALEY New York Times

      BUDAPEST — Gizella Beres Devenyi, who works behind the cash register at the delicatessen Zena in a working-class neighborhood ...

      by Tom Venuto Iron Magazine

      Less than two decades ago, coconut oil was pegged by media activists as one of the worst foods you could eat. In a surprising reversal, ...

      By Gordy Megroz Men's Health

      About 14 years ago, Men's Health magazine was the first to tell the world about a college kid who'd dropped 245 pounds eating nothing ...

      By Glen Peterson Men's Fitness

      Our diet has changed more in the past 100 years than in the previous 10,000. We’ve gone from eating natural, in-season, local ...

      by Cory Gregory

      When it comes to weight-loss tips, conventional wisdom almost always boils down to "calories in, calories out." That ...

      By Molly Morgan, RD Men's Fitness

      Avocados are delicious—nobody needs to twist your arm to get you to eat the healthy-fat-filled fruit. But if the green orbs ...
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