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      by Curtis Stone Men's Fitness

      A couple years ago I went on an epic trip. I was filming for my TV show, and I let it all out: I ate everything, drank ...

      By Samara Foisy HuffPost

      A couple of months ago I did a video segment on margarine vs. butter. I thought I did a good job of explaining the health benefits ...

      by FitMenCook

      Great way to enjoy a classic meal with way less calories, tons of protein and virtually no guilt. Less than 350 calories!


      by Shannon Clark Bodybuilding .com

      If you're on a mission to eat healthy this summer and maintain your six-pack, all those barbecues you plan to attend ...

      By Nate Miyaki

      Admire those ridiculously ripped guys from The Expendables? Here’s a secret that’ll come as both a relief and a letdown: Physiques like ...


      You can’t mention quinoa without hearing about the plight of the Bolivians who can no longer afford to buy their crop because we’re willing ...

      By Carl Lanore Superhuman Radio

      I have been thinking a lot about Metabolic Flexibility lately. The ability of the body to shift it's substrate utilization ...

      By James Fell

      Oh, I can just feel the muscle-heads tensing with rage over that title.

      Question: Do you think the 300 Spartans who fought ...

      by Kevin Alexander Of

      I get it. You want to maintain or build an amazing physique, but spending countless hours cooking each meal and ...
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