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      by Justin Woltering Bodybuilding .com

      Summer is winding down and the cold weather is on its way. You know what that means: It's bulking season! And, ...

      By Shawn Radcliffe Men's Fitness

      If you’ve ever hung out with coworkers trying to lose weight, you’ve experienced yogurt at its plainest. But beyond ...

      By Devin Alexander Flex

      The greatest performance diets may seem complicated and fancy, but they are all built on a foundation of basic principles and ...

      By MICHAEL M. GRYNBAUM New York Times

      Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s ballyhooed and much-criticized attempt to limit the size of sugary drinks in New York ...

      by Robert Wildman Bodybuilding .com

      I can't tell you how many times I've had people ask me some variation of this seemingly simple question over the ...

      by Kate Morinon Greatist

      Ahh, the humble egg. Few foods out there are as versatile as this inexpensive protein source. These little orbs are filled with ...

      By Shelley Drozd Men's Fitness


      A = Eat as often as you like
      B = Eat every day, in moderation
      C = Eat once ...

      Paul Spector, M.D. HuffPost Healthy Living

      Breakfast is the only meal endowed with a health merit badge. The benefits of this first course of the day, ...

      By Brynn Mannino Men's Fitness

      Seven reasons you shouldn't skimp on the starches.

      It's true that cutting chips, cookies, candy, and other ...
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