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      From Iron Magazine

      Everyone knows that eating a high-protein, lower carb diet is an easy way to trick yourself into eating less so you lose body fat. ...

      From Science Daily

      As unlikely as it sounds, green tomatoes may hold the answer to bigger, stronger muscles.

      Using a screening method ...

      By Kristin Kirkpatrick for

      Eggs are beautiful. They are a picture-perfect example of what nature is able to accomplish. They help make ...

      by Jacob Wilson, Ph.D. Bodybuilding . com

      Name: Jacob Wilson
      Education: PhD in Skeletal Muscle Physiology from Florida State ...

      By Mark Hyman, MD HuffPost Healthy Living

      The vast majority of conventional nutritionists and doctors have it mostly wrong when it comes to weight loss. ...

      By Ellen Hendriksen, Ph.D. HuffPost Healthy Living

      Some nights, chocolate calls from the cupboard. A tractor beam emanates from the cookie jar. Our cravings ...

      by TC T-Nation
      Here's what you need to know...

      •  Dietary prejudices have expanded. Today's lifters want foods that are sugar-free, low-sodium, ...

      by Mike Howard Iron Magazine

      Calories have become a perfect target for diet book authors and gurus alike to play on the emotions of those who struggle ...

      By Carlon Colker, M.D. Flex

      Well beyond even my earliest days in bodybuilding, it’s been a cornerstone concept of conventional dietary wisdom that to ...
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