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      From Ergo-Log

      Everyone knows that vitamin D helps deposit calcium in the bones. And anyone who follows this website reasonably regularly will know that vitamin ...

      From ScienceDaily

      For years the Mediterranean diet has been associated with a lesser chance of illness and increased well-being. A new study has now linked it to ...

      From ScienceDaily

      Bananas have long been a favorite source of energy for endurance and recreational athletes. Bananas are a rich source of potassium and other nutrients, ...

      By Meredith Melnick HuffPost Healthy Living

      Bluefin Tuna, caught in California last August, showed radiation levels that were ten times the norm, according ...

      by Scott Tousignant Iron Magazine

      Why is it that 75-85% of people who attempt a transformation contest never finish? And what’s the secret behind the Physique ...

      by George Redmon, Ph.D., N.D. Iron Man Magazine

      It’s no secret that iron helps keep the blood oxygenated, which equates to improved energy and recovery. Iron also ...

      By Zack Barangan, NCSF-CPT Men's Fitness

      The science behind fitness and health is wild, crazy and ever changing. One minute a study supports a particular ...

      From ScienceDaily

      Oregon State University scientists just identified a new reason why some curry dishes, made with spices humans have used for thousands of years, ...

      by: John McKiernan NaturalNews

      Sprinting is considered by many as the ultimate exercise. It not only increases athleticism by building fast twitch muscle fiber, ...
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