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      From Charles Poliquin

      Want to lose fat for summer? Or pack on some muscle so you look like a lean beast? Add a few extra inches to your vertical jump for that ...

      by Gena Hymowech Men's Fitness

      Want clear skin? Discover which zit remedies on the market are the most effective to cure pimples for good.

      Get ...

      by Lee Boyce T-Nation

      Squats are the ultimate test of total body strength and mental toughness and one lift that every strength athlete worth his salt takes ...

      From Science Daily

      Scientists from ETH Zurich have shown for the first time that brown and white fat cells in a living organism can be converted from one cell ...

      From Charles Poliquin

      You are probably aware that the recent red meat—heart health study missed the boat. Media reports misrepresented the study, while the research ...

      From Ergo Log

      If you smell grapefruit or lemon, your fat cells release their contents more easily into the bloodstream. Researchers at Niigata University and ...

      From Science Daily

      Regular exercise has been proven to reduce the chance of developing liver cancer in a world-first mice study that carries hope for patients ...

      by TC T-Nation

      The clues have been there all along. It's not like they were staring us in the face, but they surely didn't need any CSI-level sleuthing to unearth ...

      From Ergo Log

      Knee wraps may help you to use heavier weights for squats and leg presses in the gym, but regular use might not be such a good idea. According ...
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