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      by Christopher Smith T-Nation

      Long-term planning isn't exactly something that meatheads are known for. Most lifters don't plot out their training much beyond ...

      By Jim Stoppani, Ph.D. Flex

      Periodization refers to the systematic changing of workout variables every few weeks (i.e., weight, reps, sets, ...

      by Ben Bruno T-Nation

      I wrote an article called Glutes Gone Wild in which I shared a bunch of exercises to help you build a butt you can be proud of without ...

      By Jeremey DuVall, M.S., CPT Men's Fitness

      Doing the same old exercises time and time again in the gym can lead to a plateau…not to mention it gets really boring. ...

      by Mike Robertson T-Nation

      Accomplishing a goal requires serious dedication and laser-like focus. Things like balance and down-time may sound appealing, but ...

      by Jim Stoppani, PhD Bodybuilding.com

      Pre-workout supplements represent one of the bestselling and fastest-growing categories in the supplement market today. ...

      By Chad Howse, ACE-CPT Men's Fitness

      You've still got some gas in the tank and you're looking to finish off strong. How about putting your metabolism into overdrive? ...

      By Dan Trink C.S.C.S Men's Fitness

      Whether you think it’s the king of all exercises or the most overrated movement in the gym, if you look like you work out ...

      By Jeremey DuVall, M.S., CPT Men's Fitness

      Developing huge shoulders can help you move more weight in the gym, but also help you fill out a shirt and develop ...
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