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      By Dave Lee Flex

      When Phil Heath was dubbed the “next big thing” in early 2005, he had yet to earn his pro card. Of course, he did a couple of months later at ...

      By MIKE GEARY Iron Man Magazine

      In all of my years as a professional Nutrition Specialist, I’ve noticed that most people are shocked to hear some of my picks ...

      by Tim Henriques T-Nation

      If you'd managed to keep one eye open during science class you likely would've heard of the placebo effect.

      A placebo, ...

      By LEE LABRADA Iron Man Magazine

      Whether you’re an elite bodybuilder or a couch potato, you have the same amount of self-discipline.

      What would ...

      by Wil Fleming T-Nation

      In my training facility, we coach over 400 clients on a weekly basis. Each client or athlete has their own individualized program designed ...

      By ERIC BROSER Iron Man Magazine

      The most effective movements available for developing and etching this very specific area of your physique.


      By Rod Addy, Nutra Ingredients USA

      Nutritionist Dr Carrie Ruxton has challenged the latest study vilifying egg yolk as a contributor to coronary artery disease. ...
      by Bret Contreras and Brad Schoenfeld T-Nation

      Joe Weider, a.k.a. "The Master Blaster," remains one of the more controversial figures in the bodybuilding ...

      by Jim Wendler T-Nation

      When I began writing my new book, I started thinking of all the things I've done to get to where I'm at today. I looked over my older ...
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