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      By JOSEPH M. HORRIGAN, D.C. Iron Man Magazine

      Arnold's idea of changing routines became commonplace in most gyms. ...

      by Nick Nilsson Brink Zone

      The Abdominal Plank is one of the most effective and simple abdominal exercises you can do. ...

      From Mens Fitness Editors

      For all of our fans who shoot us questions on the Men's Fitness Facebook and Twitter Pages, this one is for you. ...

      by Charles Staley T-Nation

      You're a smart guy, right? You've been in the iron-game for a while now, you stay current by visiting websites ...

      by Trevor L. Smith Iron Magazine

      It seems every day someone comes along with a new and improved system of weight training scientifically designed to stimulate ...

      by Lee Boyce T-Nation

      Supersets, or performing sets of two different exercises back to back, could be the oldest of strength training techniques. Unfortunately, ...

      By John Annillo, C.S.C.S Men's Fitness

      The food that you eat will be the number one obstacle when trying to achieve your fitness goals. Whether you're a Paleo, ...

      by Ben Bruno T-Nation

      As much as a beastly set of quads can really set you apart from the chest and arms crowd, training the quads hard and heavy ...

      by Tim Henriques T-Nation

      Hopping onto a random strength-training program you found online can be fun. It's generally not advised, but ...
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