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      By Mark Anders Men's Health

      Lower-back pain has the same effect on 19- to 45-year-old men that Lifetime movies have on middle-aged women. It's their leading ...

      By Eric Velazquez, NSCA-CPT ProSource

      Step away from the leg curl machine and build big, meaty hamstrings

      Goal: Size, Strength
      Bodypart: ...

      by Mike Roussell, Ph.D. Bodybuilding.com

      Q Should I drink my protein shake pre- or post-workout?

      You can take in protein or amino acids pre- and ...

      By Lee Boyce, CPT Men's Fitness

      The science behind fitness and health is wild, crazy and ever changing. One minute a study supports a particular claim, then ...

      by Todd Bumgardner T-Nation

      Most of the athletes that I train – male and female – play either football or rugby. I didn't plan it that way, but that's how it's ...

      By Jason C. Brown, C.S.C.S Men's Health

      If you think kettlebells are just glorified dumbbells, keep reading. “A kettlebell’s center of gravity actually shifts ...

      by Bret Contreras T-Nation

      Anterior pelvic tilt is a hot topic in the ever-turbulent online fitness community. While some therapists argue it's a normal spinal ...

      By Dan Trink, C.S.C.S Men's Fitness

      For all of our fans who shoot us questions on our Twitter and Facebook Page, this one is for you. Each week, we will tap ...

      by Joe Wuebben, Bodybuilding.com

      Sometimes the best exercise is the one you're not doing. And why, exactly, is such a great move not part of your training? Probably ...
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