How Distilled Water Clean Bulks. An FAQ for the carb sensative

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  1. How Distilled Water Clean Bulks. An FAQ for the carb sensative

    I know there are a lot of guys out there that want to bulk but keep the abs. Ok pretty much every newb between the ages of 18-24. I myself have experimented with many different bulking diets over the course of the last 5 years or so. I can not eat a lot of carbs and I finally have it all down (for myself everyone is different)

    I am making this in hopes to help and refer a lot of the Newb's that come on here and for reference. I know there are a lot of other people, more knowledgeable than myself, who have done similar threads. I'm just trying to help the community.

    Im not going to go into the science of things or how they work. 1 because its alot of reading some people dont understand and 2 Some of it I dont understand and im going with what gives me results.

    Chapter 1: Diet

    You dont have to be afraid of them just know how and when to use them. I have used WMS, Dextrose, Malto etc... before and they seem to work well I get the same benifits and stay leaner using brown rice and oatmeal. Try and stick the bulk of your carbs in the morning, pre and post workout. It's ok to fit some in between but try and keep them lower. I usually try and get between 30-50gr at each of these times. Working my way up to 75 and usually capping it there. I also like to stick to low GI carbs. Since Im sensative to insulin my body doesn't need that huge spike of blood sugar really to drive those nutrients

    Example of how I'd run a 12 week bulk using no insulin modulating supps after coming off a low-carb diet (cutting).

    Meal 1 (8am)
    week 1-4: 35gr carbs
    week 5-8: 45gr carbs
    week 9-12: 55gr carbs

    Pre-Workout (2-2:30pm)
    Week 1-4: 35gr carbs
    Week 5-8: 45 carbs
    Week 9-12: 55 carbs

    Post Workout
    Week 1-4: 30gr carbs
    Week 5-8: 40gr carbs
    Week 9-12: 50gr carbs

    Post Workout Meal Meal(1 hr after post workout shake/meal)
    Week 1-12: 40gr carbs

    *Help from AM's StrategicMove

    Now adding carbs between these meals is ok to. Infact I do! I usually keep it to a 1/4cup (dry) brown rice. Which gives me about 35gr of carbs. You can also add some beans to your rice to increase fiber and lower the GI of the carbs.

    I dont really like to take in carbs after about 7pm there is much debate about this but I just dont do it...period. Usually my post workout food meal is at about 6:30 and leaves me good for the rest of the night with carb cravings.

    Types of carbs

    These are the carbs I stick to which work best for me. I listed them with a measure to give you an idea of how many carbs your getting from each. ALL MEASURES ARE DRY

    Oatmeal: 1 cup=~50gr carbs
    Brown Rice: 1/4cup=~35gr carbs
    Sweet Potato: med=~40gr carbs
    Pinto Beans: 1/4cup=~20gr carbs

    I like sweet potatoes with some splenda, cinnamon and spray butter for a change up.

    I will sometimes add blueberries or other fruits to my oatmeal in the morning for a nice change up that wont really effect my blood sugar and are pack'd full of good anti-oxidents.


    Well again I've tried 1gr/1.5/2gr per lb of bodyweight. I found my sweet spot is about 1.5-1.75gr per 1lb of bodyweight for bulking or cutting. I try and get an even amount with each meal. I opt for shakes in the morning to get that quick hit of protein after being fasted for 8 hrs.

    Types of protein powders

    Whey: digest rather quickly and is enexpensive. Great for morning, pre and post workout.
    Taste: ATW has some great taseting stuff. Highly Advise it

    Medium digestion here. Great for anytime of the day price is slightly higher than Whey last I knew.
    Taste: Well its egg protein so everything taste kinda eggy. Good to add to a blend. Look at

    Casien: Slower digestion protein. Great before bed or inbetween meals. Price also is about on par with egg.
    Taste: Thick and creamy (no homo) Optimum Nutrition choc. taste great.

    80/20 blend of Casien and Whey. Great for before bed and between meals.
    Taste: Bland and kinda chalky.
    Gemma Pea: Medium digestion and lactose free. Good for inbetween meals for those who dont handle lactose well.
    Taste: Well its hit or miss. Kind of a slight vegtable chalky taste. Less liquid used the better it taste IMO

    Great Food Sources of lean protein
    About 8oz of each will equal about 50gr of protein
    ground beef

    eggs (regular size)
    -whole egg equals 6gr of protein, egg white is about 4gr


    I try to keep my fat intake medium. I try and keep them away from my 2 post workout meals completely. With breakfast I try to get between 10-15gr and the rest of the meals 5-10. Before bed I will usually do some fish oil (2gr) Cla (2gr) and 1TBS of Flax Oil (14gr)

    Being natural it is important to keep fat intake up to help support health testosterone and hormone levels. cholesterol is the building block of testosterone. It's not evil!!! Egg yolks are great IMO. I usually throw 1t of olive oil in with my meals for a little flavor and healthy fats.

    Good Fats
    Flax Oil
    Fish Oil
    Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    Grapeseed Oil
    Safflower Oil
    egg yolks
    coconut oil (steveoph )
    natty pb (motiV )

    Total Calories

    You need to find your maintenance range. You can do this using google and searching "Maintenance Calories" It will ask you a few questions and give you AN IDEA of what you need. to maintain your current weight. Since we are trying to add mass we need to be in a caloric surplus to help build muscle. I usually do 500 cals above my maintence for about 4 weeks then bump up another 500cals.

    Take measurements and gauge your progress in the mirror to asses if you need to bump cals or maybe even drop to just a 250 surplus.

    Cheat Meals are also ok!!!! 1-2 a week shouldn't hurt your progress of obtaining lean muscle mass. Say one sunday and wed should be fine. Remember your bulking, so dont be a total diet slave.

    Example Diet 1st 4 weeks

    This is using Insulin Manipulaters

    Meal 1
    4 egg whites
    2 whole eggs
    1 scoop Whey in skim milk/soy/water
    1 cup Oatmeal

    Meal 2
    8oz chicken
    1/4 cup Brown Rice
    1/2 cup green beans
    2t EVOO

    Meal 3 (Pre-Workout)
    2 scoops Whey
    1 cup Oatmeal
    1/3cup Brown Rice
    2t MCT oil

    2 scoops Whey
    1/2 cup Brown Rice White Ric mix (stil total of 1/4 cup)

    Post Wokrout Meal
    8oz Chicken
    1/3 cup Brown Rice
    1/2 cup Green Beans
    2t. EVOO

    Meal 6
    1 scoop Casien
    1 cup FF Cottage Cheese
    4 egg whites & 2 whole eggs
    1TBS Flax Oil

    Protein: 315gr
    Carbs: 225gr
    Fat: 80gr
    Calories: ~2,900
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  2. Chapter 2: Training

    Geeze there are a ton of "bulking" routine's out there.

    DC Training
    German Volume Training (GVT)

    and if I didn't name your favorite I apologize.

    There are a varity of rep ranges to train in and I feel that mixing them in is great. Always keep your body guessing. You will also what to change up your routine ever 6-8 weeks. For some guys they have to every 4 weeks because they're body adapt very quikcly. Well mine is stupid so I can do something for 8 weeks before gains start to slow.

    Now you can't expect to gain as much as you did in the beginning as at the end or when your switching routines. If you didn't we'd all be benching 400+lbs for reps.

    Switching up your routine may be as sublte as just changeing rep ranges or order of you split. I reccomend changeing exercises for example going from Barebell to dumbell to smith machine. Dumbell flys to machine to cable crossover etc....

    Before starting any workout it is important to warm up. Doing 5min walk on the tredmil followed by 3-4 warm up sets should do. Useing a weight you could easily do 50 times for say 2 sets of 25 then putting on a little more and completing 20 reps. these should not tax you AT ALL. Just get the good juices flowin'

    For myself I find a 6 day split the best. Here's what my workouts consist of

    Monday: Chest
    Incline barbell Bench
    Flat Dumbbell Bench
    Weight Dips leaning forward
    Dumbbell Flys
    -Usually completing 3-4sets per exercise in the 12-6 rep range

    Tuesday: Back

    Weighted Pull Ups
    barbell Rows
    T-Bar Row
    Rack deads or Back extentions
    -Usually completing 3-4sets per exercise in the 12-6 rep range

    Wednesday: Shoulders

    Standing Over-heard barbell press
    Side DB raise
    Rear Delt Machine
    Wide Frip Upright Rows
    barbell Shrugs
    -Usually completing 3-4sets per exercise in the 15-8 rep range

    Thursday: Triceps

    Close Grip Bench Press
    Over head DB Extentions
    Reverse Grip Press Downs
    -Usually completing 3-4sets per exercise in the 12-6 rep range

    Friday: Biceps
    Standing barbell Curls
    Close Grip Preacher Curls
    Seated Dumbbell curls
    Hammer Curls
    -Usually completing 3sets per exercise in the 12-6 rep range

    Saturday: Legs
    Barbell Squats
    Good Mornings
    Leg Extensions
    Stiff-legged Deadlifts
    -Usually completing 4sets per exercise in the 12-6 rep range


    Ab and Calf Training
    I will usually do a mon/thur and tue/fri split with these. Doing about 6 sets for each muscle

    Ab exercise

    Weight Rope Crunches
    Decline Bench Sit ups
    Swiss ball sit ups
    Floor Crunches
    Jack Knife sit ups

    Seated calf raise
    standing calf raise
    Hack squat calf rasie
    -basically anything to push up with your toes

    When I decrease reps I increase weight by 5-10lbs so for example is I bench 100lbs for 12 reps on my first set, next set i'll do 105-110 for 10 reps.


    Yes even though bulking its stil a good idea to keep up on some cardio. Keep that metabolism high and keep that fat away. I recommend doing some low intesity cardio for 20min 2-3 times per week.

    Something as simple as a bike ride or evening walk would work great.

    I usually will hit the gym and walk on a 5 incline and 3.0 speed for 20min's. Seems to work well.
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative

  3. chapter 3 Supplements

    The holy grail no not really They may account for 10% maybe 15% at the very most of your gains. So if your looking to add 10lbs and do so successfully 1lb probably came from your supplementation. Some people may arugue "well than why did so and so get X from supplement Y" Well either A.) the person is lieing of 2.) That person's diet and training are on point 100% and probably have been for 3 months or so. THATS WHY!!!!

    Now I'm going to give you the basic shake down on these. Not support it with any medical journals or anything like that. You all know how to "google" and "webMD". I'm going to go in order of which I think are of the utmost important, to me

    1.) Creatine Monohydrate (I'll refer to it as CM below)
    -I love this stuff, I eat this s h i t with a spoon....literally Nothing has more positive science behind it that CM. There are alos many arguements about how to take it and how much. I have tried a few things and found this is what works best FOR ME.

    Dose 1: 5gr Just before Breakfast
    Dose 2: 5gr just before my Pre-Workout meal
    Dose 3: 5gr Post workout with my shake
    Dose 4: 5gr before bed.
    -sometimes this keeps me up, sometimes it doesn't maybe its the CM maybe not.

    You might say 20gr a DAY!!!! Why so much. Well because I keep seeing a positive return from taking that much. It's cheap to NP has 1,000gr for $13 so whatever. On non-workout days I'll just do 5-10 in the morning and 5-10 later in the day ~8hrs or so.

    I DO bloat up while on this, pretty bad in fact but I dont care Im bulking and to lift and extra 15-20lbs to have a few lbs of water is ok by me. Keep the water intake high and you should be alright.

    I also do not purposely cycle CM. I run it until I run out then wait to put an order in so sometimes I'll go off of it for a month or so. I dont really see a need in cycling it personally but this is all personal preference IMO.

    2.) Glutamine

    I know I'll probably get ripp'd for this one but I DONT CARE. Some say its a placebo effect but whatever. I feel a noticeable increase in recovery while using it and less loss of LBM when dieting. I've done both cutting and bulk with and without it. I will stick with it. 60% of free-form amino acids floating in skeletal muscles is L-glutamine and levels are significantly lowered after training so why not have as much as possible

    *I dose this with my creatine

    3.) Insulin manipulators.

    I have used P-Slin, Neovar (both), Anabolic Pump, ALA, Vanadyl Sulfate and chromium picolinate.

    The last 3 do give me hypo symtoms and I feel have their place. They are cheaper, less effective IMO, alternatives to the first 3. If in a pinch with $ I think a combo of the 3 taken with breakfast and post workout would work well. You can pick up 2 months worth of all 3 at NP for about $20. All of these will help keep blood sugar levels more stable and push nutrients into the muscles.

    The first 3 are new aged products. I like all three of them. Being carb sensitive they are great to keep carb intake high and glycogen stores full to help add some nice size and incredible strength. I'd opt for the Pslin last as it is only used pre-workout or as a stack with AP or NeoVar.

    As for NeoVar and Anabolic pump I take in the morning, pre and post workout. I take those with my Creatine and GLutamine. The fullness and strength gains are insane. The biggest thing is that my waist stays down while using these products.

    4.) Fish Oil

    Extra Calories It only gives you a few but that was mainly a joke. I use this to help with joints, anti-oxident, healthy skin, and as an EFA to aid in being anabolic. I recently mega-dosed this (30gr/day) and added a few extra lbs than I thought I would have during my bulk. I had zero joint issues and slightly oily scalp (more than normal my scalps usually dry). I probably wont mega-dose again but keeping your fish oil intake higher,IMO, can only help you. I am now doseing 2gr with each meal (excludes post workout) for 10gr/day.

    5.) Multi-Vitamin

    I know some people say it's most important but if your sticking to your diet with greens your not in too much trouble. IMO its not going to make or break the bulk. However they are cheap like $10 for NOW's multi and it's awesome so no real reason not to pick it up. You can afford 10

    Total Cost

    Creatine Mono 1,000gr (50days @20gr): $13.00
    Glutamine 1,000gr(50days @ 20gr): $24
    Insulin Modulators
    -AP: $42
    -NeoVar: $24
    ALA300mg/100+VS10mg/100+CP200mcg/100(50days)= $19
    Fish Oil 1000caps..100days @ 10gr): $25
    Multi Vit (60days): $15
    GRAND TOTAL: $96-119

    Thats not bad for 2months of supps that WILL give results.

    Ohh and almost forgot

    Make sure your getting all you can out of your food and keepin things moving.
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative

  4. i have been doin the 5x5 for... 4 weeks now? and i plan on keepin it up til the end of this week and one more.. (then a 4 day vacation) and ima try somethin along the lines of trainin you got goin here but i was thinkin doin each body part 2 times a week still with a 12-10-8-6 or so breakdown on reps
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  5. great advice!!! Bookmarked fo' sho

    SFW and GFH

  6. this was a truly selfless act, typing all this up the way you did. you're showing how to keep it basic. thank you, sir.

  7. Nice work D-Dubs, I know this will help out a lot of people!

  8. thanks and a bump for the new info...
    Im not sure about glutamin but i know that wal mart sells it rather cheap... Any thoughts on this?
    SFW and GFH

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Inarius View Post
    thanks and a bump for the new info...
    Im not sure about glutamin but i know that wal mart sells it rather cheap... Any thoughts on this?
    Yea its a love or hate type supplement. I advise everyone to at least try it out. You can get 500gr at NP for like $15 and thats a months worth of a higher dose. Not to bad IMO. From there you can decide if its worth buying again.
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative

  10. Thanks for all the info... I'll be getting my hands on some glutamine soon
    SFW and GFH

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Inarius View Post
    Thanks for all the info... I'll be getting my hands on some glutamine soon
    It has a lot of soild anti-catabolic properties but I think needs to be dosed higher to see results I really dont think your gonna see much from just 5gr a day or even 10gr. 20 seems to be the minimum for myself.
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  12. awesome thread! This needs to be stickied
    Body Performance Solutions
    Facebook: @Body Performance Solutions

  13. do you dose it the same as your creatine?
    SFW and GFH

  14. Quote Originally Posted by Inarius View Post
    do you dose it the same as your creatine?
    sure do!
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative

  15. what an excellent post... thanks again DW!!!
    \\ USPlabs Alpha Ginger //

  16. Quote Originally Posted by Distilled Water View Post
    It has a lot of soild anti-catabolic properties but I think needs to be dosed higher to see results I really dont think your gonna see much from just 5gr a day or even 10gr. 20 seems to be the minimum for myself.

    ima pick some up from NP cause glutamine can pricey...
    i did 10g before bed and noticed a difference in soreness, and i didnt get sick (precursor to immune function)... but there was about 3-4 g in the protein shake i was takin 3 times a day... so i guess i was gettin the 20g you said, however im sure u had 20g glutamine not includin in the protein
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  17. thank you!

  18. Quote Originally Posted by smshannon001 View Post
    however im sure u had 20g glutamine not includin in the protein
    Yea that was solo. I also take glutamine for the immune benifits as well. I have an odd deal with my white blood cells. Now for most people when they get an infection your body produces more to kill off whatever it is. Well sometimes mine actually produces less. Its the same type of thing that crader has...go figure.
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  19. Chapter 4 Clothing

    If you want to be big you have to dress big. Go to footlocker and hit up the 5 for $20 t-shirt and 2 for $20 basketball short sale. If you dont your going miss out on high quality clothing for cheap.

    Buy a shirt thats atleast one size to big for you, maybe even 2. I usually go with the XXL-XXXL during my bulks. Keep the goods secret then BAMM!!! Your a monster and people wont know what him them.

    If you follow training/supp/eating all to the T then perhaps you'll be able to fill your new Footlocker T also. Mission accomplished :rockon: and now you also have some high quality gym t-shirts or something to wear under those fancy polo's for the next 3 years

    Ok you dont really have to do this. This was more for SilentBob, Zombie and all the other guys I shoot the breeze with on AM shoutbox

    I really do buy alot of clothes at footlocker. The shirts really are great quality for the price. So if you see a white guy in an XXL solid T, some baggy basketball shorts who pushing moderatley heavy weight and kinda big (I think we're all bigger than we think) then maybe a fellow AM'er is upon you or perhaps DW himself Happy training everyone
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  20. Quote Originally Posted by Distilled Water View Post

    If you want to be big you have to dress big.

    Best advice i have heard yet...

    haha keep rockin out bud!
    \\ USPlabs Alpha Ginger //

  21. Great write up DW. Like you I am a fan of lowering carbs even on a bulk. This is the best way I have found to remain relatively lean.

    I also agree with your glutamine recommendation. I believe the Wilson brothers have written extensively about its benefits and uses and they are a very trustworthy source imo.

  22. Btw, I think you should add ENOVA oil to the FATS section. Great source of poly fats...

  23. is flaxseed an acceptable replacement for fish oil?
    SFW and GFH

  24. Quote Originally Posted by Inarius View Post
    is flaxseed an acceptable replacement for fish oil?
    What are you trying to get from this as a fat source?
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  25. where is the natty peanut butter?


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