RPN Java Lather soap

  1. RPN Java Lather soap

    I put this in bulking section because this soap is designed to treat/prevent stretch marks which occur usually from bulking... if that makes sense.

    Anyway I just ordered like 10 bars and just wanted to hear from people who have used this stuff. I have very bad stretch marks from a recent bulk I did, they are everywhere and am really hoping this stuff works. And if anyone has used another product that faded stretch marks please share as I am trying to fade them drastically for the summer season ahead.

    I was using a pumus stone to exfoliate and vitamin E cream for a while but it did **** all. So I am tanning like crazy as they look less visible on browner skin. I was thinking of seeing a dermatologist but my family doctor has told me there is nothing they can do.

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    It does work, I started getting some stretch marks and since using Java Lather they are barely noticeable. I'd use the soap anyways even if I had no use for that, it just smells great.

  3. I've been using Java Lather soap now for about 3 months. Not only is it an excellent soap, but I've seen a noticeable lightening in the color of the stretch mark I have between my upper bicep and pectoral. It hasn't made it invisible, but definitely helped out. I've heard the cream they have works even better, but I have yet to remember to put it on my order from NP. I'd say its well worth it and you'll be pleasantly surprised. Top notch product.

  4. I personally bought a bunch of java lather to hopefully halt Stretch mark formation during a cycle. Along with a shea/cocoa butter lotion (Since I didnt have the extra funds for Flawless). It hasn't halted formation for myself, but I am hoping the ones formed start to lighten up. Its only been a little over a month, so to early to make a final call.

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  5. what is Flawless cream? do you use it with the soap?

  6. The flawless cream is out of stock at Nutraplanet

  7. The flawless cream is meant to be used in addition to the soap (I think), although I'm sure you could just use the cream separately. It is to be applied after your shower, once your dry. I've heard a lot of good feedback from those that have used it.


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