E/C stack during a bulk???

  1. E/C stack during a bulk???

    Ight guys here is the deal, im currently clean bulking, my macro and calorie intake are not an issue

    I have no signs of over-training, my workouts have been awesome, intense, stronger, overall i feel more energized, not an issue

    I've been getting plenty of sleep, with the addition of an hour to hour half nap every other day, not an issue,

    I've been supplementing with plenty of BCAA, creatine monohydrate, beta alanine, greens +, liquid fish oil, and glutamine, not an issue

    I'm currently doing a structured plan by chad waterbury -high frequency training (five full body workouts a week), he notes in the plan an increase of appetite, due to the amount of training. I've had a huge increase in appetite to where i start craving foods after 1.5 hours of eatting a meal/snack, it's nutz! I'm currently eatting about every 2.5 to 3 hours.

    My question is:
    Would it be alright to use e/c stack during a bulk to suppress my appetite? I've heard ephed. had catabolic side effects, but i figured im already killing the calories, and bcaa's that i should be alirght. Any input????


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