How many Proteins, Carbs, Fats do I need?

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    How many Proteins, Carbs, Fats do I need?

    Hey guys. I am new to this forum and wanted some insight into how much I should eat to bulk. First I will give you some some stats about me and the cycle I will be on for 10 weeks:

    6'3" 210 lbs 14% body fat

    500 mg/week omnadren (weeks 1-10)
    400 mg/week Equipose (weeks 1-10)
    20 mg/day D-Bol (weeks 1-4)
    20 mg/day Nolva (weeks 1-15)
    Clomid Therapy (weeks 12-15)

    I will be posting pictures before and after when i have time. I wasn't sure how much proteins, carbs, and fats I should be eating while trying to gain some quality mass. I read that I should be eating 285 g protein, 390 g carbs, and no clue on how many g of fat. I would really appreciate any help on what would be best and if anyone has any ideas of meals on the go that would be beneficial as well. I have time in the evening to cook a lot, but eating on the road for work can be challenging. Thanks for all your time reading this and will talk to you all later.


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    a lot of people say that a 40/40/20 (protein/carbs/fat) ratio is about perfect for bulking. So you would want your fat about half of that protein intake. However, everyone is different. I would start at that and then add and subtract carbs, fat, protein as you go. But when your on a cycle. never lower your protein, higher it if anything. hope this helps.

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