Macro confusion

  1. Macro confusion

    Just working out a bulking diet and running into some troubles. At 165lb, 5' 7", using the 2x bodyweight for protein calculations, I should be eating 330 grams of protein. Many people say a 40-40-20 macro mix is good. I figured my BMR is somewhere around 1700kcal/day. Adding in a activity number, I'm roughly burning 3100kcal/day with a med to heavy activity level. Adding in 500kcal on top of that to start gaining weight brings me to 3500 to 3600kcal/ day to bulk up.

    Going back to the 40-40-20 ratio, I would be eating around 350-360 grams of protein!!! That's well over 2x my bodyweight.

    Can someone help me out with these macros? Maybe I'm missing something here but trying to obtain a 40-40-20 ratio. If that just doesn't work for me, what would you suggest?

    Thank you

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    Either a 2g/lb/BW protein diet and your calorie requirement or a 40/40/20 diet and calorie requirements. You can't have them both. Choose which you want and go from there. High protein and fixed calories will restrict your carbohydrates and fats in order to stay within you calorie requirements. 2g/lb/bw is excessive IMO.
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  3. I've decided to start at eating 3300kcal/day. 330g of protein, 330g of carbs, and 77g of fat. That equates close to 40-40-30 if i've done my math correctly. As my weight increases I will adjust the increase in calories accordingly.

    Thanks for the advice.

  4. Just a quick point that people have a tendency to get stuck on.....Protien intake should equal 1.5-2 g/lb of LEAN body in order to calculate your intake you would need to know, roughly, your bf%......

  5. Lean body weight? That I didn't know. I've never seen any reference to that. Certainly sounds plausable. Good info...thanks.


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