Test e, tren e, and dbol cycle

  1. Test e, tren e, and dbol cycle

    'm a week into a cycle of test e, tren e, and dbol. Running at 150 mg 2x per week, 100 mg 2x per week, and 50 mg daily. Plan on running the test for 14 weeks, tren for 12, and dbol for 4-6 depending on how I'm feeling. My aromasin was supposed to be here before the day my cycle started but didn't come in so I started anyway. I'm still waiting and I'm afraid of gyno and high e levels. It should be here anytime, but am I at risk being only a week in? I also have Novla for PCT and to combat gyno if it did start to form. I'm also taking GNC liver guard. I'm wondering if there is anything else I need that I'm not taking for my cycle, and if I'm at risk already. Also what my calorie intake should be on this cycle if my TDEE is 2300.

  2. Along with your liver support, a comprehensive cycle support such as CEL CYCLE ASSIST will protect your organs as well.
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  3. Need more info. What are you stats, height body weight, how many times a week do you lift? Daily physical activities/work activites. Need more to help out bud.
    Figure out what you want, make a plan, go get it, period.

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  4. Oh god here we go.. You can't wait for aromasin one more day? Have you run tren before?

    What's your pct , only nolva ? Why test higher than tren? no caber? No gw50156 and mk2866? Could be nice.. so many questions haha

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