I could really use some advice and direction.

  1. I could really use some advice and direction.

    Hey Everyone, I'm 36 years old, I currently weigh 185 lbs and 18.5% BF (according to handheld monitor). I've been active and serious lifting and training for close to 6 years now. Before then I was closer to 240 lbs and 30% BF.

    In the past I have trained for a couple local Natty physique shows. I've been able to get down to 6-7%BF weighing in around 160 lbs and looking great.

    I took a couple of years off to try and get bigger, I've put on some great muscle naturally - but I feel like I've reached my potential, and not much has changed the last couple years. In January this year I went on another cut thinking about doing a show. I didn't end up competing, but I did have a cruise lined up I wanted to be ready for. I got myself down to 170 lbs and about 9-10%, looked awesome for the cruise!!

    Since then I've gone back to lifting and trying to build... When I increase calories, I pack on the weight super quick. From mid June to the end of Aug I went right back to 185 lbs. I eat clean and have good macros - I only treat myself once in a while, and then it's limited. But it seems that if I don't sprint my guts out for 20 minutes every morning and suck down fat burners, that I can't keep the layers from coming back... So now I'm willing to go to the next level to try some things.

    I recently had my bloods taken, Test came back at 327... Which seems low for someone my age, eating good and exercising well. My Dr. Has offered Test Cyp at 100mg/wk, which from what I've read here is pretty low, so I'm trying to decide what to do - here is what I'm thinking -

    I'd like to do 12 weeks of Test C at 500 mg/wk, with Arimidex and Letro on hand (I think I naturally have high E... Hence the fat that come back so easy) so maybe start right away with Arimidex 12.5mg EOD.

    weeks 10-12 introduce HCG

    Weeks 12-14, drop test, keep HCG and Arimidex, start Nolva/Clomid

    weeks 14-16/18, drop HCG, keep Arimidex, Nolva, Clomid, and add in Natty T Booster...

    Something like that still working out the particulars...

    My question to all of you is, at my age and body stats, could I expect to be able to run this Oct I to January, and be able to get 'summer body ready' by May? Or should I focus on getting my BF down by Christmas, going on a cycle Jan - April, then cut into summer?

    Please feel free to pick me apart, offer advice, whatever... It's all welcome, I just need some direction - I'm starting to feel lost, and all my efforts are going nowhere right now...


  2. Sub'd for info.

  3. I could do with the info on this one,
    Good luck tho bro

  4. Subd for info.

    1. Did you also get your estradiol levels checked out?

    2.To verify this would be your first cycle correct?

    3. Ever consider if you did this cycle running test c by itself at first to see what changes before introducing the Arimidex? (Or did you mean have arimidex on hand with the letro?)
    Figure out what you want, make a plan, go get it, period.

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