Advice needed

  1. Advice needed

    I'm starting to do some research on what bulking method I should use. I was considering using a prohormone, but this would be the first time I have used any sort of bulking supplement. I still need to be able to run and hike, so I understand gaining mass would be a bit more difficult. I've got about 5 months of training spaced out
    6' 2"
    Aprox 12% body fat
    Any advice on supplements to stack would
    be greatly appreciated.

  2. Up calories in a controlled manner and focus on a good workout routine. If you are lifting only for 5 month, changes will happen quick just adding extra calories.
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  3. Donít worry about supplements at this time. Focus on increasing calories. I bulk the best when my carbs are high. Lots of oatmeal and whole milk puts the weight on me. Easy foods like that. Donít make it too complicated. Focus on compound lifts, stay hydrated and sleep well.

  4. Totally agree with the 2 posts above, for many reasons 5 months training exerperience is way too little for supplements to be needed (after 3-5 years consistent hard training is the min time to consider anabolics imo)

    A calorie surplus and progressive overload resistence training program is all you need OP.

    Calc your AMR, add 250 cals and use a tracker (like myfitnesspal) to ensure you hit cal intake.

    I 2nd the sleep and hydrate comment also.

    Thats it bro.

  5. Agree with everyone here. Remember this isnít a race. You are building a solid foundation right now donít mess it up by over complicating things. If your looking to add in some quick extra calories try adding something like Mass Gains or another shake if you canít get any more food in
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  6. Now, feel free to look into staple supplements. If you need any advice on that we are here.


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