Pro hormone help

  1. Pro hormone help

    Can any one recomend a good lean mass prohormone stack

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Daff View Post
    Can any one recomend a good lean mass prohormone stack
    Provide us with all of your stats so we can better gauge where you are and what you need

  3. I'm 200lbs about 18%body fat
    Iv just started training again after 14month from operation.
    I'm training 5times a week very clean diet of between 3000-3500 calories

  4. Im 34 years old to

  5. Has anyone tryed supermandrol

  6. Your age your height? Also you should do a little cut before you bulk drop first at 15%

  7. I'm 6ft and 34
    Little loose in chest area,

  8. Any help would be most appreciated

  9. With this stats you need 4.650 calories a day to gain 2lb of weight on week so now you don't gain . I recommend to do a little cut first go around 14-15% bf and then you can start lean bulk again

  10. Cheers bro, so I need to cut calories down to cut?

  11. Cheers bro
    Should I cut my calorie intake to cut first?

  12. I just finished a cycle of super mandro. Very clean, lean gains. I would recommend for a recomp or bulk, but not a cut. Stack it with Sup3r dhea for a test base and you're golden. Make sure to follow proper PCT even though it is a mild prohormone.

  13. You can go for a caloric deficit to cut, but you will lose some muscle mass. It is the healthiest way to do it though. There is also the option of Clen, Epi can be good for a cut, as long as you control your diet. DNP is also an other option, as is Thyroid supps, but it all depends on how you want to do this, and what your willing to risk to obtain your goal.
    Either way, good luck brother! Keep us posted on how you go! Even if you don't reach your goal, there are a lot of guys here with good knowledge that are always happy to help out


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