Off season look

  1. Off season look

    This off season I haven't stirred too far away from the bucket, I feel rather proud at not binging like a mad dog post contest. Opinions?
    One pic (obviously the more conditioned is 2 weeks out) red trunk pics are a few weeks or a month ago.
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  2. Still lean and have a really good amount of mass. Really good physique imo.
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  3. Yeah stay lean and prep is waaaaay easier
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  4. Beast mode! Looking good bro!
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  5. Looking great, man!

  6. You are keeping nicely lean brotha

    Unless youre younger like thirty and under and want to compete in bodybuilding and chasing the size game, its much better to stay leaner during the offseason. Even if youre chasing size, its still better to stay leaner. Classic Physique or Physique its very important to stay leaner. Contest prep is difficult enough without having to go two hours of cardio a day for months on end. Staying leaner ensures contest prep is easier AMJUNE50 50 % off

  7. Great physique!

  8. Looking good!
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  9. Out of curiosity, what's your height and weight? You're definitely in good shape.


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