Which TDEE Calculator

  1. Which TDEE Calculator


    Just looking for the most accurate calculator in peoples opinions.

    Have tried four with varying results (below) so hoping someone has tried and tested or should I just select a point in the middle and work from there?


    all the above numbers come out when I select clean bulk so as you can see they vary a fair amount.

  2. Everyone is going to be different. Best way is to log your calories for a week and base it off that. If weight stays the same add or subtract 500 calls depending if you're trying to lose or gain weight.

  3. The problem with the calculators is, everyone is at a different place with their bodies. The best thing to do is get a blood panel and know you have no underlying issues that need to be addressed. It's nice to know what you are confronting if you have any values that are off. Thyroid, etc.

    If you are within range for everything, you can address your diet and routine.

    I'd rather push myself harder than decrease caloric intake too much. Weigh yourself every two weeks; use the mirror first, and be less concerned about the numbers. It's a long-term affair and the ride will need adjusting along the way. Enjoy it!
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  4. Calculators will not be 100% accurate. With that said, I would take the average of the highest and lowest numbers, eat that amount of calories for two weeks and see if you gain, lose, or maintain weight.
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