Meal/Supplement Criticism

  1. Meal/Supplement Criticism

    Hello all,
    I first want to thank this community for the wealth of information you all share.
    It has been a valuable asset to me, as well as, many others.

    After much research on these forums, I have worked to put together a meal/supplement plan for a clean bulk.
    I would appreciate some constructive criticism on the attached plan.
    With the help of this community i've achieved my first major goal to lose over 110lbs and get to 14% bf.
    I'm now to that point now where I need to add some muscle to my frame before cutting again.
    I stand at 5'11" and weight 185. I'm 38 yr old if that is useful info.
    I have been on this plan for about two weeks now and have been steadily gaining about 1lb/week.
    Stomach looking about the same if not slightly leaner.
    FYI, the meals are just a sampling of where I try and keep my macros. Goal is 20/40/40.
    Thanks in advance for any tips or comments you may have.

    Nutrition-Supplement Plan.pdf

  2. Protein seems too high for your size. I'd rather fill those calls in with extra carbs. You only need a gram protein per lb of body weight. Also, pics would help give us an idea to how high of a surplus you should run. 14% body fat is still a little high from where I'd personally prefer to start bulking. Also, a lb a week is a little high, unless that's your initial weight gain due to water/ glycogen retention. You should shoot for 1-2lbs a month in a lean bulk. Also, if you're bulking, don't be afraid to branch out of a bro diet meal plan. Enjoy your life, you can't stick to a meal plan forever, or just set a specific macro allotment and follow that.

  3. I would agree that protein seems a bit high, but if you're gaining 1lb/week and staying lean then I wouldn't change it right now. I typically prefer to keep protein at 1-1.2g per pound, so 190-220g per day would be a good place to be. Adding in extra carbs would be beneficial for energy, recovery, pumps, and fullness.

    Supplement dosing looks good too. My only change, which won't make much difference, would dose your first ABE serving with your 10am meal, not after it. I always prefer to take natural anabolics with a meal. Any reason Asprin is included as a daily supplement?
    Performax Labs Online Company Rep

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