Back to bulking?

  1. Back to bulking?

    Is there anything wrong with bulking at a higher bf%? Ive always been told to lean up before bulking, but my goals right now are not to be shredded. For now I am simply looking for size. During my bulk my body fat got a bit higher than normal. I ended up around 17%. I did a quick 3 week cut and got that down a bit. I dont have calipers but when flexed I can see the top 4 abs. Unflexed I can barely see the outline. I am not uncomfortable with my bf levels by any means. I would like to continue bulking until I am the size I want to be, and then cut the fat off. If using test, is there anything wrong with continuing to bulk slowly until I am where I want to be? Diet will be clean at about a 500 surplus.

  2. With higher bodyfat levels lean muscle gain becomes harder due to reduced effectiveness of nutrient partitioning, that is why it is said to be lean before you bulk, it is down to what you are after at the end of the day, if you are happy with your body fat and want more size you could keep bulking but if body fat becomes too high then you may be gaining more fat than muscle which would then make it wise to switch to a cut / mini cut phase to allow for more gains in lean mass.

  3. Thanks for the response. Would being on cycle not have a positive effect on nutrient partitioning regardless of bodyfat? Assuming estrogen is kept in check of course.

  4. It would aid in adding lean muscle tissue if estrogen is kept under control, but insulin sensitivity would be better at lower body-fat levels which would allow for more gains in lean muscle mass, its your call with if you want to bulk or cut, but i always like to start a bulk as lean as possible so it reduces the overall time i have to cut when the time comes, because who likes maintaining a calorie deficit / moderate or extreme for long periods of time.

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