Run test gel after prohoromone cycle?

  1. Run test gel after prohoromone cycle?

    Interesting situation: recently I just got a script for test gel for having low T. I wanted to run a bulk cycle but not sure how to approach the situation. Should I still run a normal PCT with using the gel everyday?

  2. No. If you are on the gel now then you are on trt. No more pct needed. You still need to take time off in between cycles however. Also, in the begining expect bloodwork failry often, so I would refrain from any cycling until you know you are in the clear as far as all of that goes. I would eat around maintenance and let your body adjust to what you have gained during this last cycle, or if you want to bulk without extra compounds you could add in an extra small meal per day and slowly bulk that way. Once you know you wont have any blood work for a while, blast with another compound or more test on top of your trt and up the calories for a real bulk. Just my personal opinion. Definitely wait a while to start another cycle though.

  3. Thanks brother. My gut was telling me not to run a PCT. I won't get bloods done for about another 4 months. The gel has been ran for about a week. It's not very much and can't really tell any difference either. One pump is 10mg and I'm doing 3 pumps...Script is for 4, however I don't want to run out. The doc prefilled 2x refills and traveled to the other side of the world. At some point though I'd like to try 6 pumps when I run the cycle and see where that goes. I appreciate the input!

  4. Honestly I would run the full 4 pumps as you were prescribed. Theres a reason they want you using that much. The transdermal delivery system is notorious for low bioavailability needing the higher amount to get an effective dose. For this reason, if you want to run high test next cycle, which in my opion would be a great cycle on its own evem without running other compounds, I would look at finding some injectable test. As far as running out, I highly doubt any respectable dr would put you in that situation. I am fairly sure they plan on taking care of you since they started you on trt.

  5. Well it's the army haha. Healthcare is either a hit or miss. I went to one doc after seeing my prescribed doc, and he said we'll start you on therapy when you get back. I about lost my damn mind and the next day my other doc wrote the script on the spot. I'm currently in Europe and it's quite obvious these guys over here have better access to the stuff. I'll be looking into stuff better within the next few days as I move. I was curious of the bioavailability though? I didn't find much on it. I'll be ecstatic if I keep the gains from a DMZ cycle



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