New bulking diet help

  1. New bulking diet help

    Hey guys, I'm currently coming off a CKD cut, gone from 210lbs ~20% bf last December to 178 ~14-15%ish which isn't too bad, I had a month of terrible carb days which consisted of ice cream and pizza which threw me off track a bit but I'm ok about the results! Anyway I'm tired of dieting now and want to transition into a TKD to maintain before my next bulk run and cycle
    Now for the bulk I wanted to follow a slightly modified TKD with 1 refeed a week, I've been told by so many to just do carb cycling but I wanted to throw this out there and get some opinions! So my cycle is an m-sten/ trenevar 6 week cycle, I'll be following Y3T programme for training and the diet will go as such if my weight is the same:
    200p 240F w/ incidental carbs non workout days about 3000kcal
    200p 240f 100c (50pre/50post) workout days about 3400kcal
    340p 340c 60f refeed day (once a week probably a Saturday) all low GI carbs
    What do you think for trying to lean bulk? Or are the majority just going to say carb cycling again haha any insight is helpful thanks


  2. You realize this is just a form of carb cycling with a carb nite type refeed right...
  3. New bulking diet help

    It's ok, I wouldn't increase my protein that high on refeed days...

  4. Yeah I get that it is but I didn't want to implement high/med/low carbs days like carb cycling, wanted to steer towards my current diet as much as possible as I prefer the foods! So you recommend a 50C 30P 20F?

  5. That would be a better macro breakdown for refeed days. Give it at least 3/4 weeks and make adjustments as needed.


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