Increasing insulin levels at the right times.

  1. Increasing insulin levels at the right times.

    Need a little help with this, trying to lean bulk

  2. Eat the majority of your carbs within a few hours +/- of your workout. Other than that, im unsure of what you're really asking.
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  3. Well I mean there are specific times to spike your insulin levels with carbs or fruits. Just wondering g the best route to take for lean bulking
  4. Increasing insulin levels at the right times.

    Pre, intra and post are times you should consume most of your simple carbs to elevate insulin. Nutrient timing plays a big role in lean bulking. Lots of inter-web literature on the subject.

    Side note, fructose functions a bit differently, best to look up the bodies response to it...

  5. All solid advice above. Everyone is a bit different when it comes to insulin sensitivity - some people can eat simple sugars and carbs all day, and others are more sensitive to carbs. My protocol for a lean bulk is to consume 65-75% of your carbs around your training, an hour pre workout and with as a post workout meal. I've found this to be the best way for me to approach bulking while staying lean.

    The most ideal time to spike insulin and consume simple carbs and low fat is post workout. After training, your muscles are depleted of nutrients, and spiking insulin can help deliver amino acids and nutrients into the muscle cells to speed recovery.

    Consuming simple sugars and increasing insulin levels before training isn't necessary. I would recommend a complex carb, protein, and a small amount of healthy fats about an hour before training. If your goal is to optimize nutrient partitioning, I would also recommend using a GDA product like Slinmax before your preworkout meal. A GDA product can help maximize nutrient uptake to muscle cells and it can also improve cell hydration, pumps, and endurance during training.
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  6. ^better answer as compared to my lazy answer above. I agree with it all with the exception of the GDA portion - I dont really think they're necessary in the fact that I dont think they produce significant enough of a difference for me to spend my money on (im also sort of a supplement minimalist so take that for what it's worth).
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  7. You guys are aaaawwwweeesooooome!!! I appreciate the biz gee wiz!

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Dangus View Post
    You guys are aaaawwwweeesooooome!!! I appreciate the biz gee wiz!
    You got it man, any time. Best of luck on your lean bulk
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  9. Just my 2 cents. From what I read, insulin activity levels are lowest in the morning, and highest at afternoon and night.

    Watch out for fructose. It is processed differently because it bypasses the control point of glycolysis and goes straight to pyruvate. This means it is not good to fuel your glycogen storage.

    For a lean bulk, pre and post workout, avoid fructose and sucrose (50% fructose) (e.g. processed sugars and too much fruits).


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