Body Recomp progress pic.....Bulking soon.

  1. Body Recomp progress pic.....Bulking soon.

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    This is my 3 month body recomp progress pic. Starting weight was 205, currently at 200lbs. I want to bulk this fall but not sure what is realistic for my frame. I'd like to be at a lean 220 in 2 years... Possible?

    I'm 27 and 6ft 3in currently 200lbs

  2. I honestly think the last thing on your mind should be bulking...keep dropping BF, work on gaining a decent amount of definition prior to gaining weight, or you might end up back to square one.

  3. ^^^^ this, stick with trying to recomp

  4. Well first off, awesome progress so far man. The work is paying off. I think it would be realistic for you to plan out a lean bulk in the fall, but focus on fat loss for the spring and summer. Giving yourself the next 5 months to focus on fat loss should be plenty of time to allow you to continue to make progress. If you're lifting heavy and eating well, you will most likely be able to pack on some muscle and continue to lose fat over the next few months.

    From a weight and height comparison, we're very similar builds. I'm currently 6'2" tall, weighing in around 195 at 10-11% body fat. I would break down your goal into smaller goals, and set a fat loss goal for now until the fall - let's say 180-185 by September (considering you're doing a recomp and you continue to lift heavy and put on muscle). From there if you're smart about bulking and you eat well, you could slowly gain weight over the next 6-8 months and get somewhere in the neighborhood of 200-205 pounds. Gaining muscle after the first year of training is a much longer process, so be sure you're being honest and factoring in the desensitization to training stimulus.

    Realistically, I think it would be possible to be somewhere in the 210 range lean in two years. But keep in mind that there are a lot of factors that play into this, and it all comes down to how much work you put in and how consistent you can stay with your diet and training. It's a good goal to have, but make sure you're looking at the smaller picture and set smaller goals for yourself ever 2-3 months. This will keep you motivated and allow you to be strategic with your goals
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