BF estimate miskeyed after a workout??

  1. BF estimate off after a workout??

    would you body fat possibly appear to be increased after a workout?

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    would you body fat possibly appear to be increased after a workout?
    It depends on how you're tracking it. If you're using a handheld body fat impedance device then its possible. A skin fold estimate shouldn't change before or after training. And if you're using a bodpod or hydrostatic test, they shouldn't change either.

    Remember that body fat calculators, especially the impedance ones, are often very inaccurate. Use them as a guide, but don't do a before and after workout test to see if you've lost fat. It doesn't work that way.
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  3. Agree. I have a weight scale that does impedance and they vary huge. Matters is you went to the bathroom or not even. After a night of drinking mine reads very low. Have to take them with a grain of salt and better to look at them over a long range of time.

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