Came home from MDOC bootcamp Nov. 22 2016 and due to constant exercise/ poor nutrition there I lost all mass (40lbs in 90 days). Immediately hit the gym and good diet the next day. I slowly added calories to my diet and went from 2500 cal a day in bootcamp (mostly fat+carbs) to 3650 cal currently and went from 220lbs-235lbs currently. Im currently on a clean bulk and have been playing around with my meal/macro timing to try and best utilize nutrients for workouts. I have noticed that I have been pretty bloated going into my workouts lately but it goes away once I get going then after words once I eat my post workout meal I get extremely bloated and it usually lasts all night/into the next morning. I was wondering if this could be due to overall meal timing or maybe the GDAs I started taking or other supps or maybe Im just all jacked up. Any advice on my meal plan/ sup layout would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Here are before and after pics of when I first got out to now:Name:  IMG_0028.JPG
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Current Stats: 25 years old ; 6'5" ; 235-239lbs (weight fluctuates daily) ; 10-12% BF

Here is a rundown of my average daily meals/supps:

Wake Up(5am)
Breakfast(6am): eggs w/meat, oatmeal, ezekial bread (60-70g carbs,40-50g pro, 10-15g fat)
-supps: 1 cap slin sane + 200mg Na-R-ALA 15min prior; Orange Triad, OxiMega Fish Oil, and Health IQ after
Mid-Morning Snack(9am): fat free plain greek yogurt w/granola (40-50g carbs, 25-30g pro, 5-10g fat)
-no supps at this time
Lunch(11:30am): Lean Meat, Complex Carb, Green veggies (60-70g carbs, 40-50g pro, 5-10g fat)
-supps: experimented w/ Na-R-ALA with this meal
Pre-Workout Meal(2pm): 1 scoop syntha-6 edge, 2/3 cup steel cut quick oats, 1 banana (100g carbs, 30g pro, 8g fat)
-supps: recently started taking 1 cap slin sane + 200mg NA-R-ALA 15 min prior to eating
Pre-workout supps(3:30pm): 2 scoops High Volume, 4 scoops Amino Energy, 1 scoop creactor
Post-Workout Meal(6pm): 1 banana, cereal(currently using lucky charms), 1 cup fat-free lactaid milk (110g carbs, 60-70g pro, <5g fat
-supps: 2 scoops Dymatize Iso100, 2 scoops Creactor, Orange Triad, 2 tabs Nature Made Calcium,Magnesium,Zinc,D3
Dinner(8pm): meat, carbs and veggies (60-100g carbs, 50g pro, 15-25g fat) usually just try and eat enough to fill macros for the day
-OxiMega Fish Oil. recently expiremented w/ 200mg Na-R-ALA 15 min prior to eating
-sometimes eat a PBJ sandwich w/ ezekial bread an hour later if I need to fill macros not covered by dinner

I was eating 3500 calories a day but recently bumped it to 3650 because gains slowed. Try and get around 490-500g carbs, 270g pro, 60-70g fat.\
My meal/ workout timing is based on my workout schedule. The slin sane/ Na-R-ALA is something fairly new so maybe this isn't good for bulk? I have noticed I kinda feel weird going into my workouts lately and like I said before, bloated at the beginning then very bloated after post wo meal. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I know this is a long post but just wanted to cover all details.