Raw oats? Am I nuts?

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  1. I use regular oats right now. But also use quick, I just alternate .

  2. Oats for the win! I also use the milling blade on a nutribullet to pre grind oats to a powder so I can have oats and protein with some milled flax in a shaker with me when I go out or to work. Good just add water meal.

  3. Yes, a trick I learned from my buddy IFBB Pro Peter Putnam. I mix oats, water, protein powder and honey. Great mid afternoon shake.

  4. Oats, whey, banana, and walnuts every morning. Keeps me full for 3 hours.

  5. I have blended raw old fashioned oats for years. Now I have a Vitamix and it blends anything to a fine liquid, even seeds.

  6. yes raw oats absorb...

  7. Optimum 9200A second gen. It's the predecessor to the new 9400 but with a beefed up motor to oust it's successor in performance. Runs at 3.5hp and 48,000rpm mated to a 6 blade. Will turn oats into a creamy soup in a few seconds.

  8. I get my oats pre ground up in powder form. Much easier and less messy!
    My protein has em for really cheap and they are 11lb bags.

  9. I use quick oats, old fashioned oats eat them both raw, or cook them in water. Or blend them in a shake with fruity pebbles, Myofusion protein powder (taste great), natty pb, banana, some cinnamon and ice cubes. Taste great homemade weight gainer shake done. Then once down start counting down the time till I get to eat again haha
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  10. I drink raw oats and 6 raw egg whites in a blender every single morning. Been working wonders, ton of protein and damn near no fat

  11. Can't go wrong with blended Raw oats. Or boil those things and add some cinnamon sugar!


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