Diet when injured

  1. Diet when injured

    I am unable to do any upper body for probably a month due to seperated shoulder. Ill be doing quads 2-3 times a weeks and hams 2 times a week. Does anyone have any advice about how much I should be eating to preserve muscle in my upper body while building muscle in my legs? Thanks

  2. it sounds like a lot of volume for them wheels.. but that's fine. just stick to your diet as normal with all that squatting its not likely to change your trajectory.
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  3. Legs, upperbody rehab and normal diet and you be back in no time.
    A month is no time at all, don't rush the rehab or you will be back in square one.

  4. I agree, keep the diet the same as when you were training normally. I've been through this a few times - once for several months after shoulder surgery, couple times after a back injury. Best of luck with the rehab.

  5. Increase protein perhaps, but there's not a whole lot you can do.
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  6. Times like these are truly rubbish but you have to remember pain is temporary and things will get better! Take care and heal well.
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  7. keep it about the same, high protein
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