Pre workout nutrition poll

  1. Pre workout nutrition poll

    Curious to see how everyone eats before lifting.

    Please post your training style, what you eat and anything you've noticed with different meal strategies.

    I mainly follow a bodybuilding lifting style with some heavy low rep sets. I typically eat lunch about 4 hours before lifting and I currently have a protein shake (30 gram pro) 1 hour out from lifting. Ill then take a pre workout supplement and some carbs about 10 minutes before warming up. I notice massively different energy levels and pumps from including 30 grams of carbs before lifting. I've also tried waiting to ingest carbs while lifting but the digestion rate seems to be too slow to help me out on my early heavy sets.

    I'll also drink some aminos during my session

  2. What, no waffles?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by T-Bone View Post
    What, no waffles?
    Post workout Belgium waffles on the wafflepress for the gainz

  4. preWO: a banana and/or small bowl of cereal and a protein drink. just something small with some carbs and protein. AFTER workout is bigger meal. :- P
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  5. I can't eat anything before my workout, otherwise I feel sick.

  6. Depending on season, I usually hit the gym between 6-8 in the morning. 6 during winter because it's easier to wake up that early for whatever reason. Train fasted because of this morning schedule

    I'm with t bone. I tend to feel sick if I eat too soon before a work out. Or tired/weaker if I wait till later to go

  7. I'll throw in 40-60grams of Dextrose with my pwo if I happen to train in the AM. If I happen to train later in the day I'll eat a heavy breakfast and try to eat a light carb meal 2-3 hours before I go in

  8. I'm on a cut right now, I usually train after meal 1 or 2. I feel the same either way...

    4 serving eggwhites, 1 cup oatmeal, banana


    8oz chicken, 1 serving veg., 4oz sweet potato
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  9. Protein and carbs (dextrose and maltodextrin) intra workout give me a big boost of energy during my workout especially on a cut. Tried doing simple carbs like cereal an hour or two before I lift but it just doesn't compare to carbs intra... At least for me.

  10. Piece of toast with chocolate peanut butter spread on top and half a banana sliced with a protein shake 1-1.5hrs pre workout. PWO some days when that exta kick of energy is needed 30-45 mins pre.

    Post is usually followed by dinner

  11. About an hour pre-wo I make a shake with ~60g maltodextrin, 4 scoops X-Tend and SES Blast. Fifteen minutes prior to that I take 1 Slin Sane capsule for increased insulin activity. Now 2 hours prior to this i have a full meal (usually breakfast) consisting of 5 pieces Oscar Meyer turkey bacon, 2 large eggs, 1 cup diced potatoes and 1 "everything" bagel. This all gets me exactly where I want to be for my workout. Post workout I have 27g malto, 1 scoop Carnivor and 1 scoop SES post workout. Almost precisely 1 hour after my post workout shake I get so shaky and weak that I have to eat or I will pass out. Again 1-2 hours after my post-wo shake I get to trembling again and have to eat another full meal. The past 2 days I've been carrying around candy canes to suck on in between meals. I find that this really helps to balance my blood sugar and keep me from crashing.

  12. 2 scoops Whey Isolate + 1/2 cup cream of rice (dry measure) + 1t coconut oil
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  13. I've actually started experimenting with having food pre workout. Just food and coffee. What brought on this thought of experimentation was Anabeta, as long I have been taking it, never tried it pre-workout with food.

  14. Bulking = high protein, carbs, fats.

    Cutting = high protein, moderate carb, no fat.

    Maintaining = high protein, moderate carb, fat if I feel like it (maybe some almond butter)

    Post workout is typically 2 scoops whey and 1/2 - 1 scoop for Karbolyn.

  15. Weekday training is first thing in the morning before work so I dont eat anything. If I wake up hungry than I usually will have an Isotean shake preWO and another postWO.
    Weekend training is usually steak and some added fats.

    I dont worry a whole lot about preWO food, more on overall nutrition for the day.
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  16. Currently doing the Arnold Blueprint, just because I wanted to give it a shot. I eat about 1.5 - 2 hours before a workout, as I can't lift on a full stomach. I try to get some starches and proteins, and then about 30-45 minutes pre-workout I'll get some sugars from some juice usually. Workout for about an hour, and am starving when its over. I bring a Protean shake with me, chug it, and then go home and eat whatever the wife has cooked.

  17. I train fasted in the mornings at 5am. I usually wake up and take my Conquer and Hemavol about 30min out and hit the gym


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