1. STUCKD!

    Good night guys, I comment my case!

    Well im in the gym since 1 year and a half iand the truth is I am very very stuck, I measure 1.80cm, I started with 57 kg and I am 66, the funny thing is I've been at that weight since summer. I'm ectomorph end with 9% fat. Actually, I want to see changes and I'm starting to get impatient, I'm even thinking of prohormones.

    Basically I want to renew, ideas for a diet and routines. What can I do? I appreciate your answers, thanks.

    Sorry for my english im spanish

  2. Well, more information might help quite a bit...

    What is your age?
    What kind of routine/layout/exercises have you been doing, frequencies/sets/reps etc.?
    When you say "stuck" where or what is stuck exactly? (are you stuck in one or 2 exercises, or all the big exercises!? Gaining some bodyweight!?)
    What is a daily meal plan/quantity/kinds of food you eat?
    What are some specific goals?

    *As far as PH's, personally, I do not feel PH's is the way to go, (especially at your level) since you seem to be having perhaps some small issues with [the basics], and PH's to me may not even work well for you or are a short cut and does not help you learn how to actually train right, or train and learn how your own NATURAL body's systems reacts or responds to regular food, effort and exercise.

  3. If you have only been at it for a year don't waste your money on hormones. You can still make plenty of progress naturally. Most people a year or two in can make great progress through simply adjusting their training and diet.

    You say your an ecto. How many calories a day are you getting? Most people who consider themselves hard gainers usually just don't eat enough quality calories. Give us some more information about yourself and diet/training and we'll see what we can do to help you out

  4. calories my man, calories. you should be getting uncomfortable with all the food your eating. sorry for the pun but a lot of guys just don't have the stomach for gaining weight. you should be eating so much that you have to take two trips to the restroom to drop a deuce every day. if you aint $h!tting twice a day, you are not eating enough... and even if you do $hit twice a day, if your not gaining weight you just need to eat even more.

    to help you get those calories each day you can add some Mass Gains to your regimine each day. a serving equals 500 nutritious calories you can slug down in a moment and its a little easier to digest than whole foods. which when your and ecto whos bulking can be somewhat of a problem.. make sure you get plenty of fiber!
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