Help with bulking diet

  1. Help with bulking diet

    I am currently bulking (or attempting to) and am looking for any advice on foods I should add/eliminate. My stats: 140lbs 5'4 muscular with a pretty low body-fat (I'm thinking somewhere around 8%) My diet consists of breakfast: 3 whole eggs with cheese w/ tbsp olive oil, bowl of oatmeal. Lunch: some sort of lean meat (turkey, chicken) on whole grain bread, greek yogurt, protein bar. Snack: piece of whole grain bread with a tbsp pb w/ banana, 4-5 slices of lean meat. Dinner: Chicken breast or ground beef, mixed vegetables. Post workout: 30g whey. A few hours later: few bowls of cereal w/ 2% milk. I have a pretty fast metabolism but I'm not sure of my tdee. Any suggestions appreciated.

  2. If you scroll through the forums you'll find all sorts of answers. There must be hundreds of threads that'll help you out.

    Or query 'bulking foods' in the search.

  3. Whats your calorie surplus requirements
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by hvactech View Post
    Whats your calorie surplus requirements
    Im not sure... is there any accurate way to calculate tdee
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    Quote Originally Posted by the_swol_god View Post
    Im not sure... is there any accurate way to calculate tdee
    Track calories, it will be trial and error until you find the caloric amount that maintains your weight.

    There will be no calculation for your exact figure, bodies are too unique and activity levels vary. Over an extended period of time while tracking you should have s good idea.
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  6. Trial and error is the only and best way to approach this...
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  7. What helped me out was adding a fat glass of whole milk to each of my meals - really helps stack up caloric intake

  8. Calculate your TDEE and go from there. You need to eat at a surplus above your maintenance level, which you can find by googling TDEE calculator and entering the required information. If your problem is not being hungry enough, you may want to try to elevate your test levels, which will result in increased appetite. You can do this with multiple options in the natural test booster category, such as DAA, Intimidate SRT, or Tropinol XP. If that is not your problem then you simply need to increase the amount of calories you ingest based on your calculated TDEE. This is best done with whole foods, while supplementing with any of the plethora of protein supplements such as Protean.


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