Mass HGH and Testodrol Stack

  1. Mass HGH and Testodrol Stack

    First time posting in years. If you looked at my past log, youll know I never want to touch another prohormone again. Soo I have recently started looking into some natty test/ HGH boosters. Looking to put on 6lbs of solid muscle. Am I going for the wrong stuff here? Prob is I dont want to lose my 6 pack. I dont mind losing a Little bit to gain the mass. But I really like staying shredded. I lift like an anthlete ( I play College LAX) SO im not looking to get HUUGE because it will mess up my game, as my position relys on stamina and pure speed.


    I dont mind reaching up to 8-9 percent but that is the most I will go..
    Any experience with these?

  2. for an increase in mass with out hormonals I recommend

    mass HGH is a nice product for sleep and recovery.
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  3. Why don't you wanna do pH's anymore?

  4. Lots of natty options out there like Tropinol XP and Intimidate SRT.

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